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Majlis is the traditional place where guests meet and chat. We offer wonderful Arabic Majlis designs in various styles such as Islamic, Arabic, Modern, Classic Majlis, and many more. Once we get to know your point of view, requirements, things you need in that specific area of ​​your home and other details done during the discussion, our designers will come out With such an idea that will amaze you and your guests and make you proud to welcome them to your Majlis  

Use light colors

A light-colored living room in the neo-classical style, which is a mixture of the classic style with the flow of design, the calmness of its lines and the one color, and between the simplicity of the American modern design and the exploitation and highlighting of spaces, in addition to the golden accessories and marble floors that add luxury to the design  

family living room

A family living room in a modern style, with a fireplace and a TV  

Quiet living room

A neo-classical living room with the use of light colors and quiet lighting, and the addition of paintings and mirrors to the walls and marble floors, which add luxury to the design  

Use light colors

Light-colored living room in neo-classical style, in addition to golden accessories and marble floors and walls that add luxury to the design  

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